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Why Wax?


Over time, waxing breaks down the hair follicle and the result is finer, thinner and more sparse hair growth. Some people, depending on their genetic disposition, may see a complete stop of growth after a while! 

When waxed, the hair stays away much longer than with shaving, often not achieving the same growth result until 4 weeks after the initial wax!

Laura brings 8 years of esthetics experience to the waxing table. She specializes in striking the perfect balance between speed and pain management, making the experience for waxing in Milan!

Finished Looks for Any Occasion


Laura specializes in bridal applications as well as portrait makeup, working with local photographers to help their clients achieve their ideal looks. She has both airbrush and traditional application offerings.

Her favorite brands are Limelife by Alcone for traditional applications and Temptu SB Airbrush makeup. 

Temporary lash applications are included with each makeup service.

The Empathetic Facial


A facial with Laura is more than just skin care, it's self care! She infuses aromatherapy, relaxation and skin care into your appointment. You will leave feeling more wholly balanced.

With 30, 60 and 90 minute offerings, you're sure to find a customized experience that will help you achieve your skin care goals and reduce your feelings of stress.


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